Arctic White Reindeer Rug


Arctic White Reindeer Rug

We choose only the best quality reindeer hides in the largest sizes we can find. Reindeer hides are a fabulous ornamental accessory for use both indoors and out. They look beautiful as wall, floor or furniture decoration. Perfect by the side of the bed for stepping onto first thing in the morning, who couldn’t resist the super soft feeling underfoot on a frosty morning? As a throw they raise an ordinary chair to the extraordinary not to mention how snugly and warm they feel or used as wall art they certainly create a focal point. Our Inky Arctic Reindeer Rug is finished in the crispest of Arctic Whites.

Our reindeer hides are a natural bi product of culture of the Sami people of Sweden, Finland and Norway. Reindeer are part of their very existence making their hides sustainable and eco friendly.

Each rug is totally unique and variations in shape and shading will occur, each one is completely individual.

W125-135cm D150-160cm