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I called my beautiful French teacher Madam at a very young age walking around inspired by my French Baret. Madam is a very formal way to address a woman in England. Whilst travelling on Santorini Island and I was asked, “Are you Madam?” I answered, “No I am a Miss.” Particular an older or married woman are called Madame. I travel and people call me Madam and the meaning differs in different parts of the world. Sometimes there is a class difference. Where I feel like calling the maids in Dubai Madam reversed psychology. In India I was teaching at schools and they call their teachers Madame. Therefore, I started off as a British/Indian Madaame.

My main speciality is interior design and vintage fashions. I became an interior designer in Dubai. My career has involved various aspects of property design, building and developing and I have run my own interior design company for a number of years.

We are lucky enough to work with some traditional, authentic workshops and collectors across Europe allowing us to offer some really unique pieces which will last for many years to come. On the flip side we are thrilled to be working with some of the finest interiors brands.

Real estate is another speciality having come from a family of property developers. Having stayed in some lovely properties in England and I have stayed in Luxurious Villas in Turkey & Dubai, it is a fascinating line of work

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